Support our kids on Capitol Hill!


Support our kids on Capitol Hill!

Today is the Afterschool for All Challenge! Right now, brave kids—including our inaugural class of Youth Afterschool Ambassadors—are on Capitol Hill with afterschool professionals, supporters, parents, and community members to tell Congress: Afterschool keeps kids safe, inspires them to learn, and gives parents peace of mind. We need more of these programs, not fewer!

There’s still time for afterschool supporters to back them up. Take two minutes to support 2 million kids: call or email your members of Congress and ask them to support funding for afterschool programs.

Want to do more? Reach out on social media! Use to send a premade tweet direct to your policymaker’s account, or check out to find a similar message for Facebook. Visit the hashtag #AfterschoolWorks on Twitter to see all the amazing pictures from our sessions!

Your members of Congress need to hear how much afterschool matters to kids and families in your communities! Reach out now.