How are kids spending their time afterschool?

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Dive into the data! Learn about health and wellness in afterschool or discover the top 10 states for afterschool. Plus, special reports by demographics and the topline survey questionnaire.

Kids on the Move: Afterschool Programs Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Full Report | Executive Summary

Top 10 States for Afterschool

America After 3PM and the African-American Community

America After 3PM and the Hispanic Community

America After 3PM Topline Questionnaire

America After 3PM and Summer Learning

Explore findings from the 2009 edition of America After 3PM

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America After 3PM spans a decade of data chronicling how children spend the hours between 3 and 6 p.m. — the hours after school ends and before parents typically return home from work. It highlights the trends of afterschool program participation, documents the benefits associated with participation in afterschool programs, and measures public support for afterschool programs. Download the full report and key findings.

America After 3PM in the news, as of March, 10, 2015

March 10, 2015: Parents Report Afterschool Programs Promote Healthy Eating, Physical Activity

Oct 21, 2014: Unmet Demand for Afterschool Programs in Allegheny County Is High

Oct 18, 2014: Unmet Demand for Afterschool Programs Grows to Nearly 20 Million Children

It's 3 O'Clock. You're at Work. Where Are Your Kids? New York Times Motherlode blog, Oct. 16, 2014

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