Afterschool Research: College and Career

Preparing young people for their future

Field trips to colleges and real world mentors are just a sampling of how afterschool programs help young people think about their future.

Solid reading and math skills are keys to success in higher education and a career. However, it’s also important to expose young people to the college and career opportunities available to them, giving them the encouragement to realize their full potential, and helping them navigate the hurdles and challenges that arise during the middle and high school years. Learn more about how afterschool programs are providing the essential supports young people need to succeed in college, career and beyond. 

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Career & Technical Education: Preparing young people for the jobs of tomorrow

Afterschool programs are critical partners for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and help young people develop skills that employers need.


Afterschool: Supporting Career and College Pathways for Middle School-Age Youth (2011)

The Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, is proud to present the third of four issue briefs in this series examining critical issues facing middle school youth and the vital role afterschool programs play in addressing these issues. This brief focuses on the importance of high school and postsecondary school completion for career readiness, and highlights the opportunities afterschool programs can provide to expose students to higher education options and career paths.


Afterschool: A Powerful Path to Teacher Recruitment and Retention (2007)

The Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, is proud to present the first of four issue briefs in a series examining the vital role afterschool programs play in supporting children, families and communities. This brief examines the current teacher shortage facing schools, the impacts of this shortage, and the ways afterschool programs can help meet the need for recruiting and retaining new teachers.


Afterschool Programs: Helping Kids Compete in Tomorrow's Workforce (2007)

Preparing youth for success in tomorrow’s workforce is of increasing concern to our nation’s schools, communities, policymakers and businesses. This brief discusses the unique opportunities afterschool programs can offer students to prepare them for the workforce, including the development of important core competencies, such as interpersonal, critical thinking and leadership skills.