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Lights On Afterschool is the biggest day of the year for afterschool to make a splash online, get trending, and share with new audiences about the impact of afterschool programs. Remember to use the hashtag #LightsOnAfterschool!

Before October 20

Use our social media guide to spread the word about the nationwide rally for afterschool programs on October 20! Get ideas for what to share, raise awareness with our easy-to-use sample posts, and share personal photos and stories about your Lights On experiences past and present. 

New to social media? Check out our Facebook and Twitter basics to familiarize yourself with best practices for these platforms.

Change your profile picture or cover photo to one of our Lights On Afterschool graphics. It’s an easy way to show the world how excited you are to celebrate afterschool!

Use the Lights On Afterschool profile picture frame on Facebook. You can even set it to automatically switch back to your original profile picture after Lights On!

Get youth involved in your event planning by inviting older youth to serve as social media consultants. Youth are often in tune with the latest online trends: give them a hands-on role in your planning and they'll likely offer some new, creative ideas for your outreach!

On October 20

Keep our social media guide handy to help make social media easy on Lights On day!

Take lots of photos! The photos you take at your Lights On event can help you illustrate what your program is all about in the future—and they’ll preserve great memories for the students and families who join you to celebrate.

Livetweet your event (if you have the capacity). Lights On Afterschool means all hands on deck, but if you or someone on your team is a savvy social media user who types at lightning speed, tweeting and posting during your event is a good way to share the celebration with anyone who wasn’t able to attend and give followers from near and far a look inside your program.

Broadcast your event. Tools like Periscope and Facebook Live make it easy for anyone with a smartphone and a reliable internet connection to stream live video to the world! Broadcast student performances, exciting guest speakers, or other dynamic components of your event to offer a window into the event for anyone who is unable to attend.

After October 20

Share your photos with us! We love to see the incredibly creative, unique ways programs celebrate Lights On Afterschool around the world. Send them to with your program name and location in the subject line and your event could be featured on our website or on social media!

Blog, tweet and post about your event. Too busy to share during your Lights On Afterschool celebration? Reflect on your event in the days that follow to help keep your community interested and keep the celebration going!