Afterschool Fact Sheets

Use these fact sheets and research resources as handouts for guests, to fill media kits, or as talking points during your event.

Graphics & Images

Use the Lights On Afterschool artwork, posters and logos for your event to create eye-catching visuals that convey the energy of afterschool in your community.

Sample Proclamation

Proclamations are an easy way for your community to celebrate Lights On Afterschool, and can be made by your mayor, governor, local officials, or even by organizations.

Sample Invitation to Policy Makers

The opportunity to see and hear the impact that afterschool can have on a child’s life is invaluable. Use the sample language below to invite policy makers to attend your Lights On Afterschool event and see for themselves.

Lights On Afterschool Merchandise

Make your celebration shine with fun Lights On Afterschool swag. Affordable light-up buttons, scented pencils, glow in the dark glasses and more make for fun giveaways to brighten up your event.

Sample Letter to Potential Sponsors

Use this template to draft letters to potential sponsors who may be interested in supporting your Lights On Afterschool event. Personalize your letter with information about your program.

Sample Media Alert

Use our sample media alert to inform reporters about your upcoming Lights On Afterschool event, and convince them that it's a genuine news story worthy of coverage.

Sample News Release

Use our this sample news release for your event. Insert data on the demand and need for afterschool in your state. Distribute it to media who attend, and then email or fax it that same day to reporters on your press list who missed the event.

Sample Public Service Announcement

Send this PSA to your local radio station and ask if they'll read it on the air to let your community know about your Lights On Afterschool event.