Afterschool Webinar:

Tools, Ideas, and Strategies for Creative Computing in Afterschool

Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017 12:00 PM ET

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About this webinar:

Providing students with the tools and knowledge they need to become creators of technology, not just consumers, is a growing priority for afterschool programs across the country. Many programs are building from the ground up and running into issues like finding the right curriculum or qualified staff teach computer science. Join us for a conversation with Sarah Carter, from SciGirls, and Ricarose Roque, of the University of Colorado, Boulder, for a conversation on overcoming these obstacles, from picking the right tools to teach computer science after school to training program facilitators to use them and beyond.



  • Sarah Carter, STEM Content & Outreach Manager, SciGirls
  • Ricarose Roque, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • (Moderator) Melissa Ballard, STEM Manager, Afterschool Alliance