Afterschool Webinar:

Lights On Afterschool: Taking a Mindful Moment & Expressing Gratitude

Friday, Oct 23, 2020 05:00 PM ET

As we finish this week full of connections, reflections, and new ideas, come together for a mindful moment: an opportunity to breathe and take stock of all the great learnings of the week. This mindfulness session will be focused on the power of expressing gratitude. Even in the midst of so many unknowns and the need for so much resilience, we can find ways to be grateful for things in our lives both big and small.

Casey Escola, a team member at Committee for Children, will be leading this 30 minute mindfulness practice that will be appropriate for both kids and grown-ups. We will begin and end with a Mind Yeti session (designed for kids) and discuss the importance of gratitude in adult's lives by exploring a lesson from the SEL for Adults program by the makers of Second Step. Join us for some relaxation, fun, and gratitude!

Intended audience:

Preschool and above - all ages!


Casey Escola, Sr. Implementation Specialist, Committee for Children