Afterschool Webinar:

Are You Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Development?

Thursday, May 5, 2016 01:00 PM ET

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This is Part 2 of a webinar series on how programs can support social and emotional development. You can read more about and watch the recording of the first webinar here.

About this webinar:

By now many of us have heard of the critical importance of developing social and emotional skills, but it is often difficult to connect the frameworks and research to the everyday practices that help foster skill building in afterschool. In the first webinar in this series we focused on bridging the gap between research and practical application of social and emotional learning practices that support skill building.

In this webinar we will be digging into the assessment landscape to help programs recognize whether and how to implement assessments of social and emotional development. Ultimately, we want programs to be able to act with confidence to choose the right assessments, or alternative solutions.

Deb Moroney and Michael McGarrah from American Institutes for Research (AIR) will join us to talk about Ready to Assess, a suite of tools that can help afterschool and education leaders, practitioners, and policymakers decide whether and how to assess social and emotional development. Learn more by visiting AIR is a leader in the field of supporting social and emotional development through quality summer, afterschool, and expanded learning programs.

We will also be joined by Kristin Romens, Senior Consultant at The Learning Agenda, who will describe the progress and challenges educators face around implementing SEL best practices. She will connect the challenges that educators and youth development practitioners face to the Ready to Assess tools and describe a process that some out-of-school time organizations have used to develop their assessment strategy. 

Come prepared to learn how Research + Action is moving the afterschool field towards ensuring all participants have opportunities for skill building and positive development.


  • Deborah Moroney, Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research
  • Michael McGarrah, Research Associate, American Institutes for Research
  • Kristin Romens, Senior Consultant, The Learning Agenda