Afterschool in my community

What's the state of the afterschool field where you live?

Afterschool is different in every state and community. To get a sense of what it looks like where you live, try searching for local programs and learning more about afterschool data in your state.

We've collected resources for parents, grandparents, and other community members interested in the afterschool field to learn about it on a local level. Look for local programs in your community, learn what to do if there are no programs available, and find out what to look for to identify high-quality programs. Be sure to arm yourself with knowledge by diving into afterschool data for your state and finding the leading afterschool experts and contacts in your state.

For an overview of the afterschool issue, what to look for in an afterschool program, and how you can help, download our Afterschool Action Booklet to take some of the most important afterschool knowledge on the go and share with other members of your community.