Afterschool & STEM learning

Changing perspectives. Shaping lives.

In programs across the country, we know it’s true: in high quality afterschool programs, young people gain real STEM skills and learn that STEM is important and relevant to their lives.

After the school bell rings, young people are learning, exploring, making and questioning. Afterschool programs have long influenced students’ personal development and supported their social and emotional growth. Today, the afterschool field has enthusiastically embraced STEM as an integral part of its educational offerings.

Afterschool programs play a major role in providing meaningful STEM learning experiences to diverse groups of youth—they excite and sustain interest, build real skills, help youth connect STEM to their lives and communities, and introduce youth to a diverse array of professionals.

The Afterschool Alliance is committed to advancing afterschool STEM learning opportunities for young people across the country. Explore our resources for all things STEM and afterschool!